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The Journal of Messy Thinking

The Journal of Messy Thinking is a weekly newsletter by me, Nick Parker. It's about ideas, creativity, writing, language, finding your voice, doing your work, and the jumbled interconnectedness of all things. 

It goes out every week to around 3,000 people. Some of them say things like: 'it's a unique and insightful mash-up of big ideas and small footnotes'; 'useful, funny, thoughtful and inspiring', and 'for people who can't stand all those productivity-life-hacking newsletters'. ​

It's a bit like this:​

Other interconnections​:

I created Voicebox, the tone of voice method used by brands and copywriters to help them find their distinctive voice

* * *

I run That Explains Things, a language strategy agency, helping my clients find their voice, tell their stories, and explain their things.

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